1 Thing Everyone Needs

A behind-the-scenes perspective on the Transformation for Life.

“I have worked behind the scenes with Shelly for 7 years. In that time, I have learned a lot about nutrition, fitness, and mindset. But the number one thing I have learned is this: 

Everyone needs a Shelly in their life! 

She will tell you how strong you are just when you are feeling your weakest. 

She will tell you to lift heavier weights when you think you can’t (yes, you can!).

She will call when you don’t show up – not only because she wants you back, but because she is concerned with what might be going on in your life to keep you away. 

I promise you, she fights for you. 

I have watched her put her clients before herself time and time again. I have witnessed her study a topic that one client is struggling with just to make sure she can do her best for them.  I have received prayers requests from her for clients who are hurting. 

She has shown me what it looks like to walk with God, and bring your full, authentic self to every situation. She has helped me gain confidence to step out from behind the scenes and engage with people.

In the center of her Transformation for Life logo is a heart. She will tell you it is because your heart is the center of everything – “the WELLspring of Life”. That is a true representation of Shelly and the Transformation for Life program. 

Her heart is at the center of it.”

Diane Stinnett

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