6 secrets of Nancy’s success.

Nancy Hartlage is committed to Sorg’s – and herself – for LIFE. Here are her reasons why.

Because I am afraid of going back to the shape I was in a year ago.

I felt like an old lady – unmotivated, tired, and unhappy. Now I am filled with energy and motivation to make the most of my life. And that makes me happy.

Because I found something I can stick with.

I’ve tried it all – Planet Fitness, the Y, Crossfit classes. At Sorgs, I feel like I have a team of instructors whose goal is to make me fit and healthy. Some days, I feel like I have personal training.

Because I do not feel judged.

On the contrary, I feel encouraged to succeed. To keep moving and keep improving.

Because Shelly brainwashed me.

She made me believe that I can be strong, fit and healthy. All I have to do is show up. And though I sometimes falter, I know I will get back on track if I just show up.

Because I love the instructors.

They have been with me on this journey. They have patience with me, help me learn the exercises, and inspire me so much.

Because I am worth it.

I’m only a year in. My journey has just started. I can’t wait to see how good I look and feel next year!

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