What are the 26 Poses of Hot Yoga?

Practicing Hot 26 is a form of mindful mediation because it is the same format every class, focusing on breathing and form to hold you in the pose and present tense. This class strengthens every muscle group and organ from the inside and out!

You will hold 26 poses two times each, 1 minute and then 30 seconds.  The one-hour class flows a few poses together and the hour fifteen-minute class incorporates a savasana and sit up between each floor pose.

Get started by learning the first 11 of 26 Poses of Hot Yoga.  Come join us at Halo Hot Yoga at the Sorg Sport and Wellness Facility to experince the benefits of Hot Yoga.

Halo Hot Yoga is for Everyone

Halo Hot Yoga at Sorg Sport and Wellness is for beginers to athletes.  Everyone is welcome.   Check out our schedule or contact us for more information and get started!

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