How Pam Piatt overcame her excuses and made herself a priority for her grandkids.

Pam came to Sorg’s last January with a goal: to be able to keep up with her 5 grandchildren, all under the age of 4. At the time, she could barely get up and down off the floor. Now she is fit and FUNCTIONAL and confident she around to see them grow up.

“I had to learn to put myself first. I really had to make myself a priority, for myself and for my grandchildren. I want to be around when they are going to college and getting married.”

In the Transformation for Life Workshop, one of the assignments was to name 5 excuses you use not to work out and identify a positive action you can take to overcome it.

Pam did her homework.

As a result, she lost 25 pounds, 33 inches, and 21% body fat and still comes to 3 strength workouts each week plus hot yoga.

“You just have to adapt to what you can do, and keep pushing yourself at your level.  Don’t look at what other people are doing, just do what you can today.” 

Pam’s “WHY” was bigger than her excuses

I’m tiredCommitting to exercise will give me more energy to play with my grandchildren.
My joints hurtExercise will give me more flexibility and reduce injuries as I age.
It’s not funI’m meeting new friends, and I am enjoying the workouts and trying new things.
I don’t know what type exercises to do or what type is best.The class is teaching me ways to do work at home and what type I need to make changes in my body.
I’m embarrassed I’m so unfit and exercising won’t help at my age.Going to class and seeing all ages, body shapes, and fitness levels is helpful. Plus I am learning to modify.

The next Transformation for Life Workshop will start on February 7. If you want to learn to overcome your excuses and get results for LIFE, come join us.

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