Jenna learned to put herself first in the Transformation for Life Workshop

Jenna lost 18% body fat, 19 inches, and 16 pounds.

Jenna Hagedorn took the Transformation for Life Workshop once before, but she agreed to take it again to support her friend. This time, she learned that mindset makes all the difference.

“12 weeks ago is I was in a fog. I was reluctant to start ANOTHER weight loss program, but I agreed to join Sorg’s with my friend Judy Davis.  Mainly to support her.  But during the Transformation class Shelly said something that flipped a switch with me.  

‘Self-care isn’t selfish.  You know how when you’re in an airplane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first so you can take care of those around you?  Self-care is like that.  You can’t take good care of anyone until you take care of yourself.

I realized that I needed to take care of myself before I could be my best self for everyone else.  It’s true!  As moms, we often put ourselves last.  I’ve changed my way of thinking.  I’m giving myself these few hours a week and I can tell a huge difference in my life.  At my 12 week check-in I was amazed that I had lost 18% body fat, 19 inches and 16 pounds – but also I had gained a new respect for myself and a love for this new lifestyle!!”

“Self-care isn’t selfish.” 

Shelly Sorg

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