Judy Davis is breathing easier after the Transformation for Life Workshop.

Judy lost 26 pounds, 22.5 inches, and 27% body fat during the Summer 2022 Transformation for Life Workshop. She has a variety of medical concerns, including asthma and pre-diabetes, but she came every week and pushed herself. She says she “did everything Shelly said”, and her results matched her attitude!

But Judy does not consider weight loss to be her biggest “win” of the 12-week program.

I didn’t come to this class for the numbers. I came for my health. I was using my inhaler …
– In the shower
– In the middle of the night
– Climbing a flight of stairs

I have tried every diet out there and nothing has worked. I have a lot of health conditions that keep me from losing weight and this is the first thing that ever, ever has worked. The only time I use my inhaler now is pre workout, as directed by my doctor. That’s it.

– I don’t wake up in the middle of the night struggling to breath.
– I don’t need my inhaler after I take a shower.
– I can RUN up a flight of stairs!

I can’t even explain how this class mentally changes who you are. I was my own worst demon. I recommend this class for anyone who has already tried EVERYTHING and knows that there is NOTHING out there.

There is. There is this workshop.

Learn more about the Transformation for Life Workshop!

Join us on Sept 12, 2022 for a FREE kickoff. Come for the Fun, Functional Workout at 6:30 and stay for an overview of the program and healthy food to taste. 

The next Transformation for Life Workshop starts Monday, Sept 26. 6:30 Fun, Functional Workout, 7:30 Workshop. October – December classes will be Tuesdays 5:30-7:30.

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