Megan Tankersley is a ‘new person’ and 50 pounds closer to her wedding goal weight.

50 pounds down, 50 to go! Megan Tankersley is halfway to her goal weight for her wedding in October 2024!

“This is my second go around for the Transformation for Life Workshop. The first time was years ago, and it didn’t stick. My stress was high, my sleep was inconsistent, and I just didn’t want to work out or change my diet.

This past year, I was only able to transform my life by doing the following:
• sleeping more
• stressing less
• getting to grips with my diet
• and getting more hours in at the gym.

But most importantly, I quit complaining about it. 

I changed my mindset and accepted that this is my life now. It made a difference. I kept telling myself that I’m a person who goes to the gym 5-6 hours a week, I’m a person who eats healthy, I’m a person who prioritizes my health.

I told myself that every day until I became her. And now the hard part is over.

All that is left is to keep pushing my body to be all I ever wanted it to be – healthy, fit, and strong.”

Do you have goals for 2024? The next Transformation for Life Workshop Starts March 6th.

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