Tracy and Justin Hollander committed to their health and learned to love working out.

In January 2021, Tracy and Justin Hollander received a postcard in the mail telling them about Sorg Sport and Wellness and the Transformation for Life Workshop. They had been talking about making a change in their eating and fitness routines, so they decided ‘the time is now’.

At first, TRACY wondered what she got herself into. Now, she sees that commitment is the key. “Just make the decision to come to class. Push yourself and you will get the results.”

“Two years ago I was prescribed a statin drug to help lower my high level of cholesterol. While on this drug I experienced intense muscle pains that made my daily activities difficult, so my doctor told me to stop taking them. 

In efforts to lower my high cholesterol without medication I signed up to take Shelly’s Transformation for Life Workshop and to attend weekly strength training workouts. From the weekly workshop classes I learned valuable tools to help me eat healthier and to gain muscle strength when taking her strength training workouts. 

Seventeen months later I continue to make smart and healthier choices when eating, attend her weekly strength training and yoga classes. 

Today, all my test results are in the normal healthy range! I am most proud of my new cholesterol level of 130 which is in the optimal level!! I know my low cholesterol is the result of these lifestyle choices.”

JUSTIN could not even do one situp when he walked in the door, but he kept coming back. He realized “It doesn’t matter where you are at, you will get there. I know it’s tough but once you get in the habit of coming, it’s amazing how much better you will feel”. With what he learned in the Transformation for Life Workshop, Justin has lost 4 inches off his waist, and completely changed what, when and WHY he eats.

“As my parents got older, I saw them slowly lose their mobility, which caused their overall health to degenerate. When I joined Sorg’s, one of my goals was to get physically fit so I can remain independent  as long as possible.   

A few weeks ago, a younger coworker and I had walked a few flights of stairs. When we got to the top floor, he had to stop and  rest. He asked why I wasn’t out of breath. It then that I realized with the support of Shelley and her staff,  I’ve been able to improve not just my stamina,  but overall health.  This program totally changed the way I think about nutrition and fitness. 

Making a commitment to your health is one of the most important decisions you can make for you and your family.”

The Hollanders have made Wellness a part of their life. They both say they enjoy working out, and they miss it when they don’t come.

Where do you want to take your health and wellness over the next 12 weeks and beyond? Our next Transformation for Life class starts on February 7.

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